5 Quick Tips For Hiring Millennials in 2016


Meet the millennial: a digital native that is highly adaptable and technologically savvy, but often criticized for being high maintenance, entitled, and lazy.

By 2025, less than a decade away, the Millennial generation will make up 75% of the workforce. Already, they’ve surpassed baby boomers as the largest working generation. This means employers have no choice but to recruit them or risk missing out on the majority of the talent pool.

Creating and executing on a millennial hiring strategy can be intimidating for talent acquisition teams. That's why we've created this guide that outlines 5 quick tips for attracting and hiring millennial candidates, including:

  • Understanding the Millennial Persona
  • Modernizing Your Employer Brand
  • Capitalizing on Today's  "Always-Looking"  Millennial Candidates
  • Being Present Where They Hang Out
  • Becoming as Tech-Savvy as Millennials