Recruiting Strategy: A Comprehensive Guide to Winning the Talent War


In March 2015, the Dow Jones surpassed 18,000. Despite this economic upswing, data from the BLS shares a conflicting story—U.S. job opening growth is outpacing hiring growth. Experts say this is happening not because of a small number of applicants. Rather, they cite a lack of qualified applicants applying for skilled labor jobs.

It is this combination of unfilled jobs and a shortage of skilled labor that forms the basis for the “talent war” so many are referring to today. Fortunately, with the right recruiting strategy and mix of next-generation technology, it is possible to build a competitive advantage in getting top talent through the door.

This playbook discusses what’s needed to develop such a strategy, focusing on the following:

  • How People Can Impact Hiring Optimizing the Hiring Funnel
  • The Role of Technology in Talent Acquisition
  • Building an Effective Metrics Program
  • Key Takeaways and Recommendations