The Role of Job Alerts in a Modern Recruitment Marketing Strategy


In today’s digital age, candidates are ahead of the recruiting game. They’re active on social media and use search engines to seek out new opportunities. They have high expectations for each online experience to be intuitive and effortless. Understanding this change, recruiters are starting to transition towards more of a marketing approach by engaging with these candidates early and often.

Job alerts are a recruitment-marketing tool that today’s leading talent acquisition teams are incorporating into their careers site—and impressive results are emerging from leveraging the technology as part of a talent acquisition strategy. This eBook aims to help you understand why job alerts are essential to modern recruiting and what it takes to deploy them.

Specifically, it covers the following:

  • Notification Marketing and Its Connection To Recruiting
  • Job Alerts As Part of Your Recruitment Marketing Strategy
  • Case Study: Reducing Cost-Per-Application by 99.8% With Job Alerts
  • How to Put Job Alerts into Action At Your Organization