The Busy Recruiter's Guide to Candidate Nurturing


The Talent Board's 2015 Candidate Experience Research revealed that 55% of candidates have some form of past relationship with an employer prior to applying.    

Regardless of whether it's a more traditional relationship like a customer or alumni of the company, or something more modern like a social media follower or blog subscriber, companies should begin to put a plan in place to get the most out of these relationships. 

This brings us to the idea of candidate nurturing - fostering connections with candidates in your talent pipeline to reduce the cost of hire, raise quality of hire, and improve time to hire. 

This guide will explore this idea in detail, focusing primarily on forward-looking internet-focused talent acquisition strategies. Specifically, it will dive into the following areas: 

  • The complexities of the modern candidate
  • Where nurturing fits in inbound recruiting
  • How to effectively nurture today's candidates
  • Measuring the effectiveness of candidate nurturing
  • Candidate relationship building takeaways